Hello there! 👋

Hello, my name is Pierre-Adrien! I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails engineer from France. I've been working on this stack for 10 years (with various frontend libs and frameworks), and I'm pretty much in love with Ruby. For the past 4 years, I've been working at improving healthcare at a French scale-up in Paris 🦄

You'll generally find me writing about Ruby, Rails and (Neo)vim. Also, sometimes, I may mention other tech topics such as Crystal or Elixir, or more general software engineering stuff.

And if not talking about tech, you may find me rambling about tennis, chess or movies. Or other things I'll do my best to spare you on this blog... though I can't guarantee anything about my Twitter or Mastodon accounts. Follow at your own risks!


In My Pocket is a browser addon (tailored for Firefox) providing a better integration of the Mozilla Pocket service into your browser. If you remember the old days of Read It Later (former name of Pocket), then the idea is to bring the same kind of features to your browser.

I've been maintaining this addon since 2016, and at the moment, it is used by 10k users every single day. What started as a side-project I merely built to "scratch my own itch" and to learn about browser addons ended up being a long-term project, with many open-source contributors, and a project that helps thousands of users to handle their online reading list every day.

Want to know more? Have a look at the website or go download the addon on the addons.mozilla store!